Over the past few years the installation and operation of Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) equipment has become cost effective. Its proven track record allows for a mainstream acceptance in industrial and commercial applications. Typical cogeneration equipment is natural gas fueled with the following available sources of heat recovery:
  • Recovered heat from engine coolant circuit
  • Recovered heat from engine exhaust
  • Recovered heat from the second stage aftercooler

Source: Energy User News, September 2004

In addition, if utility rates are high enough in the territory in which a company operates, usage does not have to be 24 hours per day, to achieve a good return on investment for the cogeneration equipment and its operation. Due to electric grid constraints some utilities provide rebates for installation of such systems. Efficiencies of 75% to 85% are achievable at a reasonable cost for Energy Consulting Services cogeneration projects.

In summary, the benefits that customers typically achieve from Energy Consulting Services Cogeneration projects include:
  • Reliable on-site combined heat & power generation
  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • No risk third party equipment ownership
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