HVAC & Generator

HVAC Applications

Energy Consulting Services has designed, installed and maintained HVAC control systems for industrial, commercial and residential clients. We are proud of the fact that we have a reputation for offering the best in service and system design. We use Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Danfoss, depending on the application and budget.

Some of the benefits of an electronic HVAC digital control system include:
  • Electronic central control and monitoring of mechanical systems.
  • Lower monthly energy bill.
  • Productivity increases when employee comfort improves.
  • Real time & historical mechanical system diagnostics.
Typical savings are achieved by having more accurate electronic sensors that are accurate to +/- 1 degree. Traditional analog thermostats can be off by +/- 3 degrees. The constant under and over shooting of the temperature leads to wasted heating/cooling and also contributes to a decrease in the comfort of occupants.

Our system have automatic temperature setback at night and intelligent reset functionality to the occupied temperature, achieved by a computer algorithm. Occupants are comfortable at the start of work.

The system also analyzes real time and historical trends and provides mechanical system diagnostics for proactive service before a breakdown occurs.

Emergency Generators
  • Standby stationary or roll up back up power
  • Roll up generators do not require DEP air pollution filing
  • Demand response program payments for capacity even if it’s not called to run
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